myg0t, not "Myg0t", is an online gaming authority dedicated to our own method of legitimate online game play. Our methods consist of having an enjoyable and relaxing evening after a hard days work. Although some individuals find our methods to be difficult or unpleasant and often become 'raged' in frustration with us, we are quite a large, multi-faceted and highly structured organization, whose only intention is to spread the word of peace across the Internet. Also infamously known for our forum, this is a place where you can find our members dicussing new methods of gaming and other related activites. Unlike 4Chan and similar groups to them who allow child pornography and pirated software to run rampant, our administrators actually moderate our forum community.

myg0t was unintentionally founded over the summer of 1998, just before the formation of the Internet, by a then twelve-year old named Brad a.k.a. g0d from Chillicothe, Ohio along with a handful of his friends such as Charlie (CJ). Through this band of brothers, their enduring infatuation with online video games, OC's and Malt Liqour, myg0t has come to pass 12 years of exsistance, over 100 official active members from over five continents, and an undeterminable amount of unofficial followers who use the [myg0t] tag in dozens of online games on every platform to date.

We have made a name for ourselves by inventing a unique way to initiate would-be members into joining. A person must then submit a picture of themselves and a cake baked especially for myg0t, to our forums. About 97% of the people who bake a cake for myg0t fuck up and are immediately denied. Contrary to rumor, you only get one shot at baking a cake. If you write "Myg0t owns me" instead of "myg0t owns me", you have lost your chance at securing a place in the myg0t hall of legends. To date, there have been over 80 failed human attempts and 1 failed dog attempt. The dog didn't fail, but he shouldn't be eating chocolate (it's bad for their hearts). Also, contrary to rumor, this is the only way to get in myg0t, no cake equals no membership.

Reformation Act of 2005:
Effective this 23rd day of May 2005, senior management will no longer look the other way when members are involved in legally questionable activities. Although we may not be able to control the actions of individuals associated with our group, we can control who is a member of it. Any member caught performing or enticing others to perform illegal or legally questionable acts will be removed immediately and without notice.

I Hate Yuo myg0t 1 & 2:
Commonly referred to as 'pwned.nl', this flash animation was originally created by Stoned Gorilla, a senior myg0t member. On February 11, 2003 it was submitted to Newgrounds where it has since received over 250,000 views. To follow up the first flash animation, [myg0t]Stoned Gorilla released the sequel 'I hate you myg0t 2' a little over a year later. Since the launch of its dedicated website Pwned.NL, it continues to receive over one million unique hits each year.

Church of Fools:
On May 11, 2004 the Methodist Church of the UK created a 3D Shockwave/Flash based online church for all religions as a way of spreading faith using the Internet medium. Any person with a Shockwave capable browser could enter the church and create a customizable character. myg0t found this to be an ideal target for spreading their own message and decided to enter in groups to effectively inform the other participants of their ideals. Though 100% untrue, some hateful people claimed myg0t used tactics such as swearing, spamming, praising Satan and other demons, door blocking, sermon disruption, and ban evasion. While a number of wardens, administrators with the abilities to remove unwanted visitors, were created to combat the propagation of our word, the church was closed within three months. The actions of myg0t resulted in numerous international news stories as seen with the BBC and CNN.

sp0rkeh malware:
sp0rkeh is a destructive piece of software first discovered in late 2001, rumored to be written by a member of myg0t under the alias sp0rk, however this is not true. The software, when executed, will severely cripple any unprotected Microsoft Windows Operating System, along with other useless effects such as change font sizes, cursor speeds, and color schemes. It is generally given to visitors in the cheating community who request 'private' cheats for online games. No current member of myg0t has ever had anything to do with the production or distribution of the sp0rkeh software.

myg0t vs. GNAA:
There is some conflict that exists between GNAA and myg0t due primarily to the fact that GNAA has a wiki page and myg0t does not. GNAA prides themselves in being put up for deletion over twenty times, each time failing. myg0t, on the other hand, has been deleted over twenty times. myg0t has mentions in three magazines (Rolling Stone, PC Zone, and PC Format), a mention on CNN.com, and were named in a BangBus.com promotional video. However, this was not good enough for the Wikipedophiles since BangBus.com features "of-age" women. Other than that, GNAA is A-OK in the myg0t book.

Half-Life 2 Source Leak:
In September of 2003 the VALVe Corporation, a Bellevue-Washington based computer game developer, discovered that their network had been compromised with key loggers using a Microsoft Outlook buffer overflow exploit. It was later determined that a majority of the source code of their upcoming game, Half-Life 2, had been eaten by Gabe Newell himself, VALVe's Founder and Managing Director. In the coming days, playable versions of their game became available across Usenet, private FTP servers, and numerous IRC networks; thus, the game was delayed for over a year.

Many members of the Half-Life 2 community began to hold myg0t solely responsible for the leak, naming numerous senior myg0t members as the perpetrators. This rumor was spread around due to a posted copy of an intercepted e-mail available on the myg0t website only a few days before the announcement. During the following weeks, a few members of the group were expelled for distributing pirated copies, and a few were scared off or resigned. The stolen source code leak also caused the amount of users in the myg0t IRC channel to surge to previously unseen levels (1,100+).

What actually had happened was that a myg0t member, William H. Valentine (a.k.a. Hitman/hitman8) along with a hacker known as Ago, acquired a copy of the original stolen source code and PREíd it on his warez group's top site. It is true; Hitman was in myg0t at the time he leaked the source code. However, he was quickly expelled and reported to the proper authorities. Acting on tips from Axel G.'s (a.k.a. Ago) real-life friends that VALVe's Managing Director was offering the hacker a job interview to entice him onto U.S. soil so he could be arrested by the FBI, the German authorities in Baden-WŁerttemberg arrested the 21-year-old that May of 2004. Although he was only initially charged with breaking into VALVe's network, he was later convicted of authoring and releasing all four versions of the devastating Sasser worm.

Consequently, myg0t was finally cleared of any wrongdoing and Half-Life 2 was eventually released in November of 2004.