RIP: [myg0t]heroin (1985-2001)

[myg0t]heroin commited suicide and it had been planned for about a month before it happened. Basically he got in a lot of trouble and would have to go to jail for a few years and he knew it would probably be hard for him to get a job or have a future afterwards so he figured it's over. He wanted this to be posted on the site and I think it should be because it shows how there is no freedom. I did not know heroin personally but we were good Internet friends. His friends and him ran the site and it has had stuff posted about it and I have also emailed his friends.

Suicide Note:
I've been contemplating this for a long time, and just recently made the most important decision of my life. The choice not to have one. After all this shit that's been happening with my trouble with the law, I can't take it anymore. If you don't know what happened to me, read the archives. I got into some Class 1 felony trouble. Anyway, the punishment wasn't going to be too bad, but part of the "deal" for that punishment is that I MUST be in school. Kind of sucks that I got expelled from highschool and they made it so I'm in "bad standing" for transfer, meaning I can't go to any other highschool in the state of Illinois. They lied to my face, they told me that if I came through and admitted what I did, that they'd still expell me but I could go somewhere else. They bullshitted me and it worked. So because of the fact that I can't go to school anywhere, my punishment is going to be a lot worse. I could go to juvenile detention until my 21st birthday. I'm just not going to take my chances, because what is it all for? So I can live my life being a wage slave, doing nothing but working, eating, shitting, and (sometimes) sleeping for 80 more years. What the fuck is the point? I can't take my experiences or money with me when I die, so why should I build them up? I can't stand to live in this country another day. My life is completely ruined. Why? Because I just happened to have a certain chemical compound on me. What? That's it? Yes, that's it. In this free country, you can go to prison because you choose to ingest something into your own body. You call this freedom? The government owns your body. They are telling you what you can or cannot put into it, and you're listening.

but me... I'm freeing myself.