Simple mIRC Guide for #myg0t

This guide is for those of you who have never used IRC, but believe you are worthy of entering our IRC channel, and if you aren't then don't worry, we will be able to tell right away.

- What is mIRC?
mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat program where users join channels to communicate. It's very simple to use.

Now, goto to download mIRC. mIRC is shareware, so even if you run out of time to register, it is not required to pay.

- How to use mIRC?

If not, the option button is the 2nd one from the left (has a hammer icon). This is where you can set up all sorts of settings. Fill out the information with a nickname, alternate, a fake name and email.

Click on Servers on the left. Click on add, filling out the description and server name. In total, there are 2 different domain names to use to connect to the official #myg0t IRC channel, both of these will take you to the same place.
There are: Leave password and group blank, and use the default port of 6667 (it should already be there).
Once you had fixed that, you can now select the server you want to join to connect.
After joining, you might get this message:

This means your nick is already registered, to change your nick type /nick new_nick_here
If you are planning to use mIRC in the long run, it is recommendable to register. To do so, type /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email]
In order to join the #myg0t IRC channel you WILL have to register your nick using the command above.

- Entering #myg0t
After you done everything above correctly you are ready to join our IRC channel, to do so, type in the following command:
/join #myg0t

The first thing you see will be the current channel topic, in #myg0t this is usually just a link to our site and maybe some current news. On the far right of your mIRC window is whats called the nick list. The nick list is a list of everyone currently in the channel you are. Some users in the nick list may have symbols next to their name, these symbols are usually the same for the most part on every IRC network, so here is what they mean:

~  = Has "founder" access to the channel, you will only see myself (SourceX), or rambo with this by our names.
&  = Is a channel operator and is protected by our set of IRC channel services.
@  = Is a channel operator but is not protected by our set of IRC channel services.
% = Is a "halfop", meaning half-operator. These users can kick and ban users, but not set channel modes.
+  = Is a "voice", our members with no senority are given this level of access, they cannot kick or ban.

Those symbols are listed here respectivley from highest to lowest level of power in the channel and will be listed as such in your nick list. When you join the #myg0t IRC you will have no symbol by your name, you will have the lowest level of access which is none. Being in our IRC channel is a privelage and you will likely be kicked and/or banned the first time you say something stupid, bans in our IRC channel usually only last several minutes and are cleared multiple times daily.